These are short descriptions of the worlds of the Fading Suns universe. Most of the information available concerns the Known Worlds.

Known Worlds: Empire of the Phoenix Throne

Throne Worlds

Byzantium Secundus: While the capital of the Known Worlds suffered some damage during the Emperor Wars, it no longer bears any marks of the strife. Indeed, Emperor Alexius has embarked on an ambitious building plan, and even more construction is turning what was once known as the “concrete capital” back into its old gray, metal-covered self. Every major faction in the Known Worlds (as well as the Vau) maintains a presence on this world, and all have interests at stake on a daily basis. See Byzantium Secundus sourcebook.

Nowhere: A barren wasteland where sits the Gargoyle of Nowhere, an ancient statue said to deliver omens to those who come seeking it. The Stigmata Garrison Commander suspects that Symbiots have compromised the world, although there is no proof in the sand-blown deserts. Pilgrims who go to Nowhere may not be allowed back into Known Worlds, and nomadic caravans of such refugees roam the world, eking out a living in the sands. It is said that Nowhere once had lush forests and that many secrets lie hidden in its wastes.

Stigmata: Stigmata is the hotly-contested world that forms a bulwark against the Symbiots, and is home to the powerful Imperial Stigmata Garrison, the best collection of troops in the Known Worlds (next to the Imperial Guard). Little is known about the Symbiot-claimed worlds beyond Stigmata, since those who have gone out have not been allowed to return, despite their radio claims of being whole and uncorrupted by what they saw. Before they can deliver full reports, their ships are destroyed to prevent organic infection from entering Human Space. Those legionnaires who have survived their tours of duty here are shaken and hollow men, scarred by what they have seen on the battlefields of Stigmata.

Tethys: An Imperial world, once run by an independent guild but now owned by the Emperor. This is one of the oldest worlds in Human Space, and was stripped of its resources long ago. It now survives by attracting renowned craftsmen and manufacturers, promising land and low noble status in return for a cut of their profits. The Mitchau family of weaponsmiths has recently relocated here from Aragon to take advantage of these benefits. One of the remote continents on a nearby planet in the system is said to be used by the Imperial Guard for training and war games; entry onto this planet is closely guarded.

Al-Malik Worlds

Aylon: Ruled now by the Al-Malik, Aylon was once owned by the Ur-Ukar. It is famed for being the first planet the Prophet set foot upon after his miraculous vision (gained on a lost worlds beyond Aylon’s borders). Pilgrim come from all over annually to see the spot where the prophet first preached. The rest of the planet is taken up by large reserves, and the al-Malik make a lot of money catering to the interests of off-world hunters and recreationalists.

Criticorum: No al-Malik would ever deny this planet’s value, nor would they deny the extreme problems it has caused the House. Once considered for the capital of the Second Republic, it has jump routes to seven other worlds, and travellers from Byzantium Secundus, the Church worlds, the al-Malik planets, the Decados Hegemony, the Li-Halan worlds and Kordeth regularly stop there. The League has also established a sizeable presence here, and the guilds maintain a number of vehicle and weapons plants. As a result, the world hosts legions of ambitious schemers and spies from around the Known Worlds. Intrigues here may lack the subtlety of those of Byzantium Secundus, but they are at least as common.

Istakhr: Istakhr boasts not only one of the greatest bazaars in the Known Worlds, but some of the most stupendous buildings. The al-Malik rulers have used much of their wealth to build pleasure palaces for themselves, awe-inspiring cathedrals and even museums open to their serfs. The vast amounts of wealth floating around this world have attracted all sorts of people to Istakhr, from the most ambitious to the most unscrupulous.

Shaprut: This mineral-rich planet has avoided much of the intrahuman strife that has plagued other worlds, but it has suffered from Symbiot invasions. The few times the Symbiots have broken through Stigmata they have ravaged Shaprut. Indeed, part of the justification used to continually ferry off Shaprut’s native race, the Shantor, to reservations on other worlds is the fear that the Symbiots would contaminate them. Of course, some Shantor remain on the planet, but most of them serve as slaves in the mines.

Decados Worlds

Cadavus: One of the poorer worlds in the Empire. Cadavus fell into Decados’ hands during the Emperor Wars. The Decados are only the most recent rulers of this planet: almost every faction of note in the last 2000 years has had an interest in it at one point or another. While the planet has little in the way of industry, mining or agriculture now, it still remains a center for a number of religious groups, whose monasteries maintain records dating back to the beginning of space exploration.

Cadiz: Ruled by the Decados, the great cities of Cadiz are legendary. Second Republic diplomats chose this world as their base for negotiations with the Vau, and the cosmopolitan fervor which gripped the planet caused the rise of many towering metropoli. But the Vau refused to come to Cadiz, and instead demanded that the diplomats come to them at Vril-Ya. The cities are now teeming with the poor and restless, who crowd into apartments once reserved for the rich. Cadiz also holds the only reservation reserved for the Hironem aliens.

Malignatius: Once a Li Halan planet, the Decados seized this arctic-and-tundra world early in the Emperor Wars and have held it ever since. It still bears the mark of its former rulers, and religious fervour regularly sweeps the world. Since the Decados took over, however, the Orthodox view has become diluted. New sects crop up on a regular basis, and even different members of the same group find themselves battling over dogma. Newcomers often find themselves caught up in this factional fighting against their will.

Pandemonium (Grange): Pandemonium is a Decados frontier world, and is fully described in the Fading Suns rulebook. Activity on Pandemonium has heightened considerably with the discovery of Iver, and Decados fleet activity has increased in the vicinity. House Decados is split on the best course of action – whether to simply send in dragoons—and kossacks if need be – to claim the world which they believe is rightfully Decados, or whether to attempt a more subtle and steady takeover.

Severus: Very few humans lived on this jungle planet before the collapse of the Second Republic. Then its Decados owners opened it up to refugees from the major trouble spots, if those refugees would pledge allegiance to the house. Those who made the pledge may well have regretted their decision, because Severus is a most inhospitable world. Its native species and indigenous sentients (the primitive Ascorbites) have evolved tough, almost metallic skin and sharp teeth to break through skin to the sweet blood within. Severan hull rats are probably the most famous of these, and they now infest ships throughout the Known Worlds. They use their sharp teeth to gnaw through anything in search of nourishment.

Hawkwood Worlds

Delphi: The homeworld of House Hawkwood, Delphi has suffered its share of setbacks, but even with the devastation of the Emperor Wars, the Hawkwoods are stronger now than they have been for some time. Imperial support is behind them. Delphi is where the leaders of the House meet to plan the next victories to raise them above all other families – or so they fervently believe.

Gwynneth: Gwynneth has suffered the worst of late from Vuldrok Raiders’ Invasions. It is believed to be only a matter of time before the Vuldrok set up a permanent base in the forested wilderness, hidden from easy scrutiny. The Hawkwood rulers fear that the long defiant pagan peoples living in the woods would welcome the Raiders. Muster mercenaries, hired by the Hawkwoods have recently come from Bannockburn to defend the planet from further assault, but it remains to be seen how effective they will be against the next raid. The Hawkwoods have allowed Vuldrok Ambassadors to pass through their space to Byzantium Secundus in the hopes that Alexius will act once he meets the uncouth barbarians face to face.

Leminkainen: A Hawkwood-ruled border world which suffered heavily from the barbarian invasions of the past. It was occupied for a time by barbarians, and their descendants still live here, maintaining what they claim is a sovereign nation. The Hawkwoods say the barbarians are deluded, and only live separately from others because the Hawkwoods allow it. The native barbarians are said to be petitioning the Vuldrok for an alliance, and if their sealed jumpgate ever reopens, the Hawkwoods would have a difficult time holding onto this world.

Ravenna: A Hawkwood world, and the birthplanet of Emperor Alexius. While the planet is safe from Vuldrok far, it is between two worlds which have suffered harassment. The people are used to a quiet existence and pastoral pastimes, from falconry to beast-back hunting. Many outsiders believe they are in denial about the threat to their world and way of life, drinking bitters as their other worlds are plundered. Others believe that, should Ravenna be attacked, Alexius will finally make a serious move against the barbarians.

Velisimil (Obun): The homeworld of the Ur-Obun, officially owned by House Hawkwood. The Obun have a degree of sovereignty envious to other races, and still maintain their ancient culture of wisdom. The architecture of the planet is like nowhere else in the Known Worlds, with graceful spires reaching beyond the clouds, beautiful fountains miles high, perfect gardens and wide promenades. Human malcontents attempting to find a black underbelly to Obun culture have so far been unsuccessful.

Hazat Worlds

Aragon: The Hazat homeworld has both benefited and suffered from its proximity to Leagueheim and Byzantium Secundus. Both have brought a great deal of wealth to Aragorn, but the Hazat nobles have also spent a lot of their money on those worlds. The Hazat and the wealthiest of their subjects are undeniably well off. The poorest live in squalor. The wealthiest parts of the planet, like the capital and its unparalleled military academy, are second to none. The poorest are among the most dangerous and inhospitable in the Known Worlds.

Sutek: The first humans to fly through a jumpgate found themselves in this star system, and humans have been here ever since. Its cities have sprung up on the ruins of its older municipalities, and inhabitants regularly find artifacts dating back to the earliest days of the First Republic. Most of the valuable items disappeared years ago, but rumors still crop up about major hidden troves of antique treasures.

Vera Cruz: Long known as one of the most beautiful planets in space, this Hazat world bears the stamp of the great terraformer Doramos, whose wife is said to have come from here. Some of the wealthiest people in the Empire like to come here to escape their concerns and worries, and Vera Cruz has the least military influence of any Hazat world. Still, many older Hazat retire here (or get retired here), and they still do their best to keep their hands in the intrigues which plague the Known Worlds.

Li-Halan Worlds

Icon: The Li Halan hold Icon sacred, for it is where they announced their conversion to Orthodoxy. The planet was originally valued for its Ur ruins, but those ruins have been scoured inch by inch since, and there are few mysteries left. The Li Halan consider Icon to be a bulwark against the dangerous ideas coming out of Manitou, and they often pester the Inquisitorial Synod with requests for cleansings (with the result that the synod rarely bothers with Icon, a fact which the residents are glad of).

Kish: Homeworld of the Li Halan, Kish is an extremely conservative desert planet. It has changed little throughout the devastation of the Emperor Wars, and the residents consider the relative chaos of surrounding worlds to be proof that the Li Halan are the only rulers worthy of the title. Outsiders claim that there are more peasant uprisings on Kish than the Li Halan admit to.

Midian: A Li Halan world, famed as the birthplace of Patriarch Palamedes, founder of the Universal Church. It was the Prophet’s preaching here that converted Palamedes, heir to vast lands then owned by House Alecto. The planet’s religious heritage is pounded into the hearts and minds of all the residents, many of whom nonetheless abandoned the Orthodoxy during the Emperor Wars to join the multitude of new sects springing up on the planet, much to the horror of the devout Li Halan.

Rampart: This frontier world was once owned by the League but was seized by the Li Halan during the Emperor Wars. The independent guild that once ran the planet is still powerful, but choking under the reforms of the Li Halan governor, who seeks to clean up what she perceives as social decay and moral licentiousness. The Li Halan are attempting to enforce onto the frontier-minded residents of Rampart the sort of social laws they expect on their other, better-behaved worlds. But the rigid caste structure they impose is resisted by the residents, and the call for a major uprising is spreading despite the best efforts of Li Halan information police.

Ungavorox (Vorox): The homeworld of the Vorox is a vicious environment composing many conflicting biomes. The planet breeds some of the fiercest and most dangerous predators in the Empire, many of them poisonous with toxins even most assassins dare not use lest they be turned against them. Amid this chaos of competition, the Vorox reign. While not as big as some Voroxian predators, they learned early on to use teamwork to take down their prey and defend themselves from their own predators – on this world, no one is above the food chain. The planet is owned by Li Halan, who are careful only to allow civilized Vorox offworld.

Church Worlds

Artemis: Home of the head Sanctuary Aeon monastery, Artemis is a holy world with strict immigration policies. While nobles and guild members live on Artemis, they must follow church law, which imposes strict behavioral rules. Every law is designed to minimise conflict, including such penalties as exile to far continents if the two parties cannot govern their relationships with each other. Despite the seemingly harsh rules, the best medical technology in the Empire is found here. The sick and the dying who can afford the journey to Artemis for healing usually return whole again (although with a samritan penance they must perform as payment).

De Moley: An inhospitable and barren planet, De Moley has little atmosphere (about as much as Mars). Terraforming was incomplete when the Second Republic collapsed. Nonetheless, De Moley is home to the prime Brother Battle monastery. Visitors must negotiate the treacherous paths up the high crags to reach the monastery, since the howling winds are too much for most skimmers to handle. The valleys between the high mountains are calmer, hosting the atmosphere domes in which a small population lives, helping to reap De Moley’s resources. A hard life is all the peasants of De Moley know. Those few who escape from this world are valued for their hardiness.

Holy Terra (Urth): Also known by its old name, Urth. It is the capital of the Church and the cradle of humanity. But the planet is overcrowded; teeming masses of the faithful crowd into the cities that dot the globe. Immigration is strictly controlled by the Church, and those born on Holy Terra are given special consideration over foreigners. It is the prime planet for pilgrimages, however, as holy sites important to human history are found on every continent.

Pentateuch: Terraformed by the legendary Doramus, Pentateuch is considered by many to be a magical planet, the ultimate wedding of magic and technology. There seems to be strong evidence that Doramus deliberately designed the terraforming to create ley lines and energy centers, although most of these are little understood today, for Doramus left no records of his secrets. The Eskatonic Order claims the cathedral and rulership of this world, although the planet is a frequent target for Inquisitorial scrutiny. Capital: Heliopolis.

Pyre: Home to the famous Burning Desert, a hot-house hell that proved unterraformable, this world is claimed by Temple Avesti, which is allowed to rule it in the name of the Patriarch. The sect’s main monastery lies in the harsh desert, but there is little tech to aid the monks in surviving the heat. Most are forced to relocate to the milder habitats by the sea The planet is considered Inquisitor central, but most Avestite Inquisitors leave the system to look for sin elsewhere, never suspecting it might reside on their homeworld. As a matter of fact, at least one secret laboratory operates on the southern continent, far from the eyes and attention of the monks, who do not have the facilities to monitor all space traffic to and from the world.

Guild Worlds

Bannockburn: The headquarters of the Muster, who co-ordinate their efforts against both the Symbiots and the Vuldrok raiders from this planet. It is also the homeworld of the Gannok, devilishly clever tricksters with a penchant for invention and high tech jury rigging. Most of the inhabited sections of the planet are rugged and craggy high lands with broad moors. Strange Ur ruins can be found in various places, most long since stripped of their valuable artifacts.

Kordeth (Ukar): Now owned by the League, Ukar (Kordeth) was once a proud if fractious world. Homeworld of the Ur-Ukar and capitol of their former empire, it is still an autonomous region for Ur-Ukar although it is monitored heavily by the Church. The planet’s surface is rocky and without arable soil, covered with craggy gullies and sharp cliffs. Life exists only in the vast underground tunnels that comb the planet. Here grow thousands of mosses and fungi, and indigenous predators and prey – both insect and mammal crawl in the darkness.

Leagueheim: No other planet in the Empire can claim to have as many technological wonders as Leagueheim. No other planet can claim to have politics as vicious as Leagueheim, either. With several hundred guilds represented on the planet, anything can – and does – happen. Here anything that can make someone a firebird is legal and already being done. Still, discretion is the key word here. No one wants the Inquisition ruining the fun. Much of the surface is covered by megalopoli of towering spires and sweeping arcologies. Areas exhausted by years of industrial activity, or no longer useful, are abandoned as wasteland. Some nature survives as parks and preserves for the wealthy.

Madoc: This aquatic world is a rich resource for the League. The vast majority of the surface is covered by water, and the marine life is varied and wondrous, producing many delicacies. However, this cuisine is hard to ship offworld, so the rich who desire it must come to Madoc. Rumors persist of a sentient race living in the oceans, but no definitive proof has been discovered. This is one of the rare worlds which required little terraforming, and is said to hold many undespoiled secrets beneath its waves.

Vau Worlds

Apshai: A joint human and Vau world. Apshai has many citizens of the Empire living upon it. The Vau rarely leave the one continent they forbid humans to enter, where the G’nesh live. Human colonization of Apshai was allowed during the Second Republic, a secondary result of years of diplomatic negotiations concerning an affair long since forgotten. Empire spies are sent here to observe the Vau, but they are never allowed close enough to see anything of worth. A ‘mission to Apshai’ is equivalent to a vacation or retirement.

Manitou: A joint human-Vau protectorate, Manitou is home to some of the few psychic covens which dare to operate openly. The Vau do not allow the Inquisition to enter the system, and so criminals and outcasts from across the Known Worlds desperately seek to find their way here. The Vau either do not care or have planned it this way, using the world as a viewing glass into the underbelly of human culture. The human government is run by a local guild, although it has strong ties to the League and claims fealty to the new Emperor. In theory anyone can be elected to a seat on the Joint Administrators’ Guild, but in practice open elections never take place anyway. Seats are created or deleted on a vote from current JAG members, votes and seats are constantly traded as favours, and some seats carry more votes than others. As a result, it is difficult to known who really controls the JAG at any given moment.

Vau (Shaduveen’Lan Tuomani): A closed world; nobody is allowed into Vau Space without diplomatic permission. They rarely kill invaders, though. They simply snatch them up with their plasma nets and deposit them back on their side of the border. Repeated attempts to enter, however, may be met with deadly force. This said, black market trade does take place between the nations, but mainly in Human Space, on worlds such as Manitou or Vril-Ya Vau is home to the mandarins who venture into Human Space on missions for their leaders. It is rumored that one of the Vau leaders is placed on this world, sent from one of the many Vau worlds beyond the planet’s border.

Vril-Ya: The Vau ambassadorial world. Humans are allowed here to discuss matters of state, but they must stay on the single island reserved for their use. Certain lower caste Vau run a secretive black-market, selling Vau tech items to those who can afford them and are discreet enough not to bring the deal to the attention of the mandarins. They rarely deal openly, using alien go-betweens instead, such as Hironem or other minor races. Plus a bunch of planets in the Hegemony which no player character will be invited to for a while.

Other Vau Worlds: Rumors exist that the Vau worlds number more than those of the Known Worlds. This is a staggering thought.

Symbiot-Controlled Worlds

Absolution: This world has been compromised by the Symbiots. It is outside the Stigmata Garrison’s direct influence, and the people of Absolution have been abandoned by the Known Worlds. Travel to Absolution (and all compromised worlds) is forbidden. Any ship caught trying to enter the Known Worlds from these planets is destroyed by the Stigmata Garrison.

Abydos: Symbiot-infested Lost World with night roads to Hargard (Vuldrok) and the Lost World of Eridol.

Chernobog: The Symbiot homeworld. Little is known of Chernobog, for the last humans to set foot upon the world never returned. The Jumpgate to Chernobog from Stigmata is blockaded: no one is allowed in or out, although the occasional Symbiot force breaks through nonetheless. It is said that the planet is a steamy jungle teeming with Symbiot lifeforms of all kinds, fighting each other tooth and claw for dominance.

Daishan: Compromised in the Symbiot War, Daishan was scorched by the Stigmata Garrison. Symbiotes cannot grow anything on scorched worlds, but neither can humans. Daishan has since been recolonized by a small force of soldiers and Brother Battle monks, operating out of atmosphere facilities built on the planet. The planet seems to have been deserted by the once prevalent Symbiot forces, but the Imperial Army is not stupid – they know Symbiot seeds surely lay waiting to burst forth tendrils of new horrors. But there may also be a clue to beating back the monsters, and for such a clue the faithful will risk all.

Independent Worlds

Grail: Ruled by House Keddah (a minor house), Grail’s vast forests and mountains are home to the Etyri, a sentient avian race. Grail is where the Prophet was healed by Amalthea of the darkness which had infected his soul on a Lost World beyond the border. The planets name comes from the symbol for the Amaltheans, and there is a Sanctuary Aeon monastery on the planet at the site of the Prophet’s healing.

Kurgan Caliphate Worlds

Hira (Kurga): This world can be reached through the Vera Cruz jumpgate. It is the Lost World being fought over by the Hazat and the Kurga Caliphate (a barbarian regime beyond the Lost World). The world actually has many names, depending on who you talk to (a native, a Hazat soldier, or a Kurgan); whomever wins it will surely rename it anyway. The jump route from Vera Cruz to this jungle world has closed and reopened more than any other. House Chauki controlled this planet prior to the Hazat uprising, and before the Hazat could consolidate their hold, the Kurgans closed the jumpgate. When it reopened centuries later, the Hazat branch on the planet had changed dramatically, and controlled very little of it. The Justus branch sent a number of legions over to reassert control, and the jump route closed again. It reopened again shortly after the birth of Vladimir, and the Hazat found that something called the Kurga Caliphate had risen to power.This began the war between the two groups. During this 500-year feud the jumproute has opened and closed on numerous occasions – usually whenever the Kurgans are losing. The last reopening was almost 100 years ago, and Hazat scientists believe that the Kurgans somehow caused this change, and the house believes that only a concerted effort to retake the planet can keep it from happening again. Hazat holdings on the planet are centred around the uranium-rich mountains of the south, where they have made an alliance with House Shelit, a minor house which has long been at odds with the Caliphate. The Hazat have been trying to push into the fertile lowlands to the north of their holdings, and the farms here have been the scene of some violent clashes. Still, the Hazat are only now beginning to bring the full weight of their military to bear, and most off-planet Hazat feel a full offensive is imminent.

Khayyam: A once polluted and heavily indutrialized world, Khayyam is once again rising from the slumber of Kurgan Caliphate control. Now struggling to become an autonomous republic, Khayyam is is awaiting the wrath of the Caliph. Khayyam is rumoured to be the birthplace of Saint Horace.

Al Fashir: A desert world of vicious kurgan tribes fighting over territory and water. The deep deserts are the home of the mythical and deadly Dwa Regh tribes. The Ahgar Caliph rules much of Al Fashir, and is an opposing factor to the Caliph of Irem. Al Fashir symbolises all which is Kurgan culture and was the birthplace of the holy woman Sata Natura, who greatly enhanced the Kurgan culture.

Beliah: A barren Mars-like world where the majority of its populations live in great subterranean cities who fight over vital passages, mines and other valuable resources. The strange implastrite extrusion fields can be found on Beliah, as well as bottomless seas of statically loaded sand. These bottomless seas are impossible to swim and are said to hold an entire Vuldrok fleet that was lured to land there by the first Caliph. Some cities are inhabited by ukar tribes.

Irem: Capitol of the Kurgan Caliphate. This blue hued world was heavily terraformed and is with its artificial system of rings, the most beautiful world known to exist. The majority of this star system neighbors the huge Simurgh-Nebulah, which symbolizes the potency of the star-maker and the kurgan culture.

Rukh: An enigmatic world of mysterious anunnaki terraforming, used mainly by the Caliphate for cloud mining and extracting rare chemicals from the chemical sea. Super huge organism exist in this world, most famous of these were the now extinct gargantuan rukh birds. Large geographical feaures resemble remains of huge beasts and the very landmasses seem to once have been huge cellular organisms. A truly mysterious and foul smelling world, inhabited by very pious Kurgans of squat and often Changed nature.

Tsuma: A nest of sin and decadence according to many Kurgans. This heavily industrialised world produces most of the ships and high technology needed by the Caliphate. Its only continent is nearly completely covered by a sprawling maxicrete city.

Vuldrok Star-Nation Worlds

A number of Lost Worlds exist past the Gwynneth and Delphi jumpgates which are ruled by a loose confederation of barbarians with jumpdrive capability. Not much is known about the worlds except that their natives are uncouth and savage, occasionally raiding the Known Worlds for plunder.

Hargard (Vuldrok): The world immediately past Gwynneth’s jumpgate is referred to as Vuldrok, and is the source of recent barbarian raids. The Hawkwoods are currently hiring mercenaries to take the raiding back to Vuldrok.

Fingisvold: An arctic world of fierce warring Vuldrok nations. Home of the Kurmda’s Might War College and several Maghtaw strongholds of high technology.

Wolf’s Lament: Heavily contested Vuldrok world of various tribal nations, most loyal to thane Wakan Mato. Known for its Ishkin and Tundra Wolves, as well as its great library of Vanaheim.

Raven: Mysterious anunnaki touched world and home of the Vuldrok ruling body known as the Great Allthing.

Frost: Another Vuldrok hot-spot of mixed tribal nations. Seat of power of Greolf the Grim who seeks to once again unite the Vuldrok.

Lost Worlds

Beacon: Another world that was heavily terraformed by the anunnaki. Beacon has an extreme axial tilt, providing it with a constant, freezing nightside and a sun blistered desert dayside. The small temperate zone exists between these extremes. Second Replublic terraforming created a force fence to ward of the cold temperatures of the nightside region to increase the temperate zone. Anunnaki pyramids dot the northern continent, the largest of which transmits a tachyon pulse signal towards a neighboring yellow giant star (hence the planet’s name). Once ruled by the strange Gatekeeper technocracy, the world sealed its gate from the chaos of the fall. After the exile and departure of the cyborg Gatekeepers, Beacon cleansed itself of high-tec and ultimately sealed its fate. Famine, wars and religious conflicts pushed the civlisations of Beacon back into a pre-industrialised era. The world was found by joint Imperial, Hawkwood and House al-Malik explorers, but ownership is still much debated.

Heaven’s Ridge: An uncharted world said to neighbour the Kurgan Caliphate, but still remains unconquered. The Vox Igni people of Heaven’s Ridge are said to live in a culture inspired directly by the anunnaki and hold many ancient secrets. Builders of uncanny AI’s and ships with clearly anunnaki inspired designs.

Sky Tear: The no-mans land between the Vuldrok Star-Nations and the Kurgan Caliphate. The strange, fungus infested world of Sky Tear is protected by both Vuldrok and Kurgans for its sacred and important muazi flesh. However, all human inhabitants of Sky Tear become insane, sooner or later.

Antioch: Another world caught between the Vuldrok and Kurgans. Antioch is reputed for its beauty and extremely skilled diplomats. It is sometimes called the gateway to the Known Worlds.

Epiphany: Unknown lost world caught between the Vuldrok and Kurgans whom the Vuldrok claim is a water world of peaceful fishermen.

Novgorod: A hostile jungle infested world and a new Vuldrok colony.

Lamorak: A world of mythical heroes, magic lantern shows and ancient film industry greatly respected by the Vuldrok.

Twilight: An ex-Hawkwood world plagued by a post nuclear holocaust environment. Home to millions upon millions of disillusioned people wanting a new home.

Kun Lun: An uncharted world reputedly full of psychics and a sinister and largely unknown Overmind presence or intelligence.