Noble Houses

Noble houses and the Empire


Fading_Suns066House Hawkwood – of Anglo-German-Scandinavian origin, with an attitude that if you do something well, a Hawkwood can do better; They are strongly linked to attitudes of nobles oblige. The house has gone through ups and downs during its history and they are proud that a Hawkwood is an emperor, even if he has slipped away from your house to maintain impartiality. A Hawkwood is indoctrinated from childhood to believe that your house is destined for greatness. A Hawkwood is not content with second place, they do not give up. As a side effect of overconfidence when they lose, secretly they doubt that they are truly Hawkwood. They are proud, however honorable and faithful, believing in the ideals of personal responsibility.

Fading_Suns067House Decados – of Russian origin, with a mindset of backstabbing, coming straight from the Italian Renaissance – are “Machiavellian” and like it. They were an agglomerate of conspirers and a cluster of intelligence officers who came to power and gained status of a Royal House through treachery and an uncanny understanding of their rivals – also helped by its vast, invisible intelligence network. Accused of the worst crimes, Decados laugh at such charges and remain one of the most powerful houses of the Empire. They are vicious, cunning and invariably successful.

Fading_Suns068The Hazat – (never House Hazat) are from Hispanic Latin America, with a culture obsessed with honor and heavily militaristic. They came to power after making the army of House Chauki turn against them; the Hazat are a military power in the form of a noble house. After choosing the wrong side in the Emperor Wars, they are trying to compensate for losses with a campaign against the neighboring barbarian empire. They are proud and warlike, but focusing on the military also resulted in several achievements in less expected areas.

Fading_Suns069House Li Halan – comes from a Japanese and Chinese mixture, with a hint of religious fanaticism, which came after a major conversion, abandoning their pagan and witchcraft ways. They are a pious and disciplined family, who once was the worst, behaved of all nobles, to the conversion of overnight for the Church, which they now defend vigorously. While some laugh behind their backs, the Li Halan are relentless on both the battlefield and in court. They are sophisticated, refined, majestic and serene.

Fading_Suns070House al-Malik – from Arab/Semitic origin, with Hindu culture touches with a sophisticated and fond for trade and philosophy. They have their own language to talk among themselves; the al-Malik are exotic and inscrutable who happily play with the question of their own nobility, always ready to engage in trade or in trendy philosophies. But they proved their noble legerdemain many times, through the acquisition of land and unique knowledge of human nature and politics. It is very hard to fool an al-Malik, but it is also difficult for them to resist the temptation of a good adventure or challenge. They are adventurous, intelligent and socially aware, but some consider this as a sign of weakness, a mistake that many made.

ImperialShield2Phoenix Empire – founded by Vladimir and now led by Alexius, it has detached itself from House Hawkwood and governed the empire by political means, trying to change the power structure inside. Subordinated to the Emperor is the Stigmata Garrison – responsible for keeping Stigmata of the Symbionts; the Imperial Eye – responsible for the Emperor’s intelligence, being their eyes and ears; and the Imperial Fleet – responsible for the ships of the Empire.


CP clans

Game images Emperor of the Fading Suns – Illustrates all Noble houses and sections of the Empire

Minor houses – there are several noble houses that are linked (or not) to the large houses and try to survive and get your place in the sun.
Among them are:

Alba: During the fall of the Second Republic, this house was absorbed by the Merchant League and especially by the Scravers. After the opening of Hira, it was discovered resources and access to feuds in the lost world. With the help of Hazat, willing to petition to the Emperor the resumption of their Noble House status. In addition to the Hazat who provided protection and troops, house Torenson has given various teachers and helpers to educate and ensure the legality of the new territories. The other houses do not respect them, as well as the League, which is suspicious and keeps an eye on them.

Fading_Suns102Juandaastas: This house makes many people uneasy; It is the friendliest to the aliens and particularly to the Ur-Obun. To date, mixed marriages between Juandastaas and Obun nobles are not uncommon. During the days of the Second Republic, some of its members have used genetic manipulation to make such fertile unions, thus introducing alien genes in the line of home. The Juandaastas have an open and unbiased mind, tending to philosophy and diplomacy. They are fierce alien rights advocates and have a high incidence of psychic ability.

Fading_Suns103Justinian: Lawful honored until the end, this martial house was allied with house Alecto when she was destroyed, and lost its main world, Paradise, when the jumpgate was mysteriously sealed. His house is now divided between the old conservative guard and an aggressive band of rowdy young people.

Fading_Suns104Keddah: It is the only smaller house which has the rulership of a planet, Grail, home to a major monastery of Sanctuary Aeon and the Prophet’s place of healing, and thus rich. They are linked by an old treaty with the hated Decados, which forced them to a war with al-Malik.

Fading_Suns105Masseri: The poorest and neediest of the noble houses; They had dominion over the planet Daishan but lost everything in the Symbiot invasion. Now the house is in debt to the Decados, who never let anyone forget. Many of the members of the younger generation of house Masseri renounced his inheritance and, instead, are now seeking their fortune as freelancers.

Fading_Suns106Shelit: A mysterious house the disadvantaged Kurgan nobility, the Shelit allied with Hazat against their rulers of the Caliphate. Ultra rational, dispassionate, conservative and discreet, they are odd cyber engineers and all have at least one cyber member.

Fading_Suns107Thana: Designed with high and slender bodies, bone structure almost avian, however beautiful, with violet and translucent hair, the Thana ruled Eridol until Aluun beasts drove them away and its jumpgate sealed. Proud, long-lived and highly psychic, but also academic and artistic in nature, they were at one point controlled and carefully observed, but now serve many noble patrons. The Church keeps a close eye on them.

Fading_Suns108Torenson: His reputation for his sense of etiquette and skilled management, led many younger descendants of the House Torenson to become seneschals or stewards to other noble houses. Noble customs authorities, manners and etiquette, the Torenson is slowly trying to influence many of his nobles, who act as social counselors to the nobles of the Royal Houses. Strict and rigid, they are steadfastly neutral in all matters except in social situations.

Fading_Suns109Trusnikron: A young and energetic house; the Trusnikron are deeply honored, simple and self-sufficient. Trusnikron are riders and handlers superior animals, serving the Hawkwood as officers of cavalry and Hazat as mercenaries. They have little political savvy and are considered rude and barbaric by most other nobles.

Fading_Suns110Van Gelder: Once in ruins, Van Gelder owe their survival to Decados, whom they now serve as spies and assassins. Bitter, cranky and solemn, they are suspicious, they have no respect for honor and have a talent for poisoning. The Decados provide them with great wealth, but only while they remain useful.

Fading_Suns111Xanthippe: The Xanthippe rarely has their properties on planets, preferring stations and spacecraft. As a small matriarchal house, members of Xanthippe are shrewd and tough, with a reputation for producing fine wines; They are also elite mercenaries. In general, Xanthippe women become leaders and warriors, while Xanthippe men become artisans and healers. All their wisdom and the law are contained in a text called “Measure”.