There are several forces in the universe who plot to obtain power, destruction of humanity or simply by intrigue.



There are few absolute evil in the universe and one of them is the antinomy. Antinomy is the hidden knowledge in dealing with demonology, necromancy and dark creatures.

Human and aliens, unclean and fallen who worship the dark of Qlippoth entities (name used by the Church to the concept of Hell, one of the old words, used before) and the Dark between the stars. Always looking for ways to taint or imprison the souls of men and ways to destroy worlds and humanity as we know it today. Indeed, ideologies and goals of these cults are diverse as are these dark gods.
The Holy Prophet Zebulon was told about this place when he first saw the Holy Flame and was told that these creatures inhabiting these threshold kingdoms constantly seek out and bring death in their wake.
Black theurgy, summoning demons, draining life, sacrificial rituals and offerings to the Great Void are all over for this truly blaspheme way. Most of the inspiration for the antinomy come from a text in the Omega Gospels, specifically the Chroniculae III, 6: 12-18, which refers to the infamous guide is Draco Codex.
The mysterious rituals of antinomy were banned because they are considered highly subversive and dangerous for even the non-religious, and the remaining political forces of religious orders reinforce this conviction.

Antinomy ritual with the victim.


Little is known of the Symbiots except that generate powerful warriors, using organic technology, adapt quickly and are highly susceptible to psychic powers and theurgics. It is known that some Symbionts are shape-shifters and that they infiltrated the Worlds Known to spread their taint. They are known for their ability to turn your enemies into Symbiots by deploying spores or seeds of some kind and there is no cure for the Symbiosis so far.
No one knows what their agenda is, nor what they want. They only know that they are formidable and frightening opponents.

The best description I saw a symbiont is the mix between creature of The Thing (1982 – If you’ve ever watched, I recommend) with the Zerg from Starcraft game.

“I have a terribly flu sir, don’t note my condition …”



This technologically superior alien race proved to be a minor threat – since humans stay on their side of the border. The few times a Vau ambassador spoke with humans, problems arose, although there are few ways to trace them back to the Vau. If the Vau were to expand into the Human Space, no one knows if they could be stopped, since their technology is impressive. Humans stole this knowledge about energy shields and blasters of the first meetings with the Vau. There are theories that the Vau know more about these matters than they reveal.
Their relationship with mankind has been long, cold and distant, but recently there has been more and more evidence of Mandarins Vau travelling the Known Worlds, although no one knows if these visits are official or merely personal.


There are things in space. Things that can live in the vacuum of space, where there should be no life. Never seen in full and having no direct proof of the existence, these things have left their mark on the hulls of ships damaged or appeared when there are men escaping the ship’s hull forming a cemetery of unburied dead. Monsters seen from the dark vacuum of space and swallow whole ships and leave very little to tell.
In a new era of extreme mysticism and superstition, new sightings have occurred.

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