Fading_Suns082Ur-Obun – This peaceful, philosophical race, and as their Ur-Ukar cousins, claim to have deep involvement with the Anunnaki in its history. The Anunnaki (the ancient race who built the jumpgates) apparently designed the destiny of the two races, and guide and teach them, separating them into different worlds before they disappear from history. While most aliens are treated with contempt and dislike, the Obun are given positions of respect as advisers and consultants in the company of the Known Worlds. However, while they are treated politely, their advice is often considered naive by the militant human culture. At least one Ur-Obun became one of the Prophet’s disciples, and is honored by a Obun sect within the church. And there is another who is currently advisor to the Emperor’s confidence. All are naturally born psychic.


Fading_Suns083Ur-Ukar – The ancient cousins ​​of Obun, removed from their homeland and settled down on a deserted planet, by a faction of the Anunnaki, who lost an inscrutable according millennia ago. They became a warrior race, and their early relationships with humanity were hostile, which cost them dearly. Due to its hostile relations, Ukari are now a broken race. Their native land is owned by the Merchant League and pro-independence factions. They reap its mineral resources, selling the spoils beyond-world to noble houses. They were removed from their ancestral lands, and taken to the underworld and in tight caves living in poverty. Few humans care about what happens to them. A resistance movement reacted with terrorist tactics, and took their hatred and war to other worlds. However, they are valued for their dishonest and marginal skills, if they can avoid being betrayed in the bargain.


Fading_Suns084Vorox – Monstrosities six members and carnivores, the Vorox are new to civilization. They achieved sentience in his world of toxic jungle, defying all reason, showing their amazing adaptability and powerful attributes – valuable qualities in the Known Worlds. Although they are aliens, they are quite popular for several reasons – they are unswervingly loyal, their bestial appearance makes them look cuddly and are not very bright, and last but not least, they are huge war machines made of flesh. They are most often trained as elite shock troops or retainers by noble houses, but many travel the stars on their own.


Fading_Suns089Symbiot – Little is known about the Symbionts except they produce powerful warriors, using organic technology, adapting very quickly, and are highly susceptible to psychic and theurgic powers. They are a strange breed of alien shifters, with a collective mind, who infiltrated the known worlds to spread its taint. They are also known for their ability to turn your enemies into Symbionts through the implementation of spores or seeds of some kind, and no cure was found for Symbiosis so far. The Church believes that theyare result of posession of multi-dimensional entities in human beings in order to invade the universe, desiring nothing, besides winning all there is… What dowa that mean is, they do not really know. What we know is that they will infiltrate and infest any planet, turning its inhabitants into new soldiers in a wave of unstoppable aliens and mutant plants…
But it is not that simple.
In fact, Symbionts are not truly a single species, but a setting of various forms of transormed life together in relative harmony from the Life Web, which they believe is the connection between all life everywhere, and believe it has the most respect to others. The original Symbionts were the United Wildworlders – UWW, a radical environmental group formed by humans in the last days of the Second Republic. Hunted for protesting the reckless expansion of human space and terraforming, the UWW leaders fled to the world of the death jungles of Chernobog where a fight between the psychic and the theurgic accidentally sparked Xolotl, a primary species of insect that transforms life to feed. Perhaps considering the wishes of a member, asking for help, the changes did not kill the UWW, but instead transformed them, making them much stronger, as giving the ability to shape life as Xolotl did. Their minds now linked to the infant LifeWeb, the first Symbionts decided that they were chosen by the Annunaki to transform its ancient species to thrive in the environment, rather than at their expense.
Whether you like it or not.


Fading_Suns085Vau – The mysterious Vau mandarins have shown that several times, they could wipe out humanity if they wanted, but they did not. Non-expansionist and enigmatic, little is known about the Vau. They entered human space no more than ten times since the first contact in 2945, only to establish an embassy on the planet Vril-Ya. In the first contact, the humans found a world caring by insectoid beings who ignored them at first, but as humans began to interfere with their work, a ship Vau appeared in orbit, destroyed the entire fleet in orbit and sent soldiers to the ground, massacring all without mercy. Only a message was sent to human space, do not enter the Hegemony Vau. Recently the coordinates of the lost world of Pandemonium were given to humanity, only system to be found with two jumpgates! A saying goes that a gift from the Vau always has a good side and a worse. The Vau technology is superior to human technology, even during the Second Republic, and even more so now. It is not known how many worlds make up the Vau hegemony.


Gannok – Some think the Gannok as ridiculous monkeys, but few can deny its mechanical aptitutude. They are apes in appearance and have a strong sense of humor, but its stench often keeps others from getting too close. The oils that exude from your skin can have a bad odor, but they help to regenerate Gannok injuries at an incredible speed. They learn fast, especially imitating others, and many believe that their sentience comes from imitating the first human explorers or hanging around the Ur ruins dotting their home planet.

Gannock 1

Shantor – ungulates that only reached a rudimentary level of tool use before humans discovered their homeworld, the Shantor are now a broken race. They were the first sentient aliens that humans found and it was a tragic experience. Suffering from centuries of slavery and forced displacements, the Shantor culture barely survived. Traditionalists cling to their religion, praying for a savior, while young Darkwalkers sell themselves as soldiers and workers in exchange for drugs to satisfy their suicidal addictions. Although most people grant Shantor a limited sentience at best, all who have come to know them recognize their enduring nobility.


Etyri – bright plumage of birds and regal bearing, the Etyri waged an evolutionary battle hard for their sentience against a rival race of lizards. The use of advanced tools and cunning won the war for the Etyri, and they rule unchallenged the treetops Grail planet for years – until humans arrived. While many Etyri still maintain their noble lineage and a degree of freedom, their land have fallen, tree-by-tree under the control of human corporations and eventually noble houses. After many struggles, they reached an agreement and have protected reserves and places for Etyri. Holders of a religion consisting of reading the guts of the dead, it is frowned upon by the Church. All Etyri leaving the planet for the stars are considered dead by their countrymen.


Ascorbites – Few inhabitants of the Worlds Known know a race as enigmatic as the Ascorbites, insects have different sentience of mammals – including humans. While they seem to share a hive mind communication, they appear to be somewhat individualistic. It is difficult to communicate with them and even harder to understand them; their goals are strange and incomprehensible. Even the few Ascorbites who left the hives can say little about the ways of their race. However, human explorers still try to talk to them, because their land in the jungle has rumors to host hidden Anunnaki ruins and other ancient wonders.


Oro’ym – Perhaps one of the oldest sentient races found in the Known Worlds, the Oro’ym amphibians are a fallen race. Archaeological evidence suggests that Oro’ym had an advanced culture, going out to the stars, but suffered a breakdown and was for millennia in an age of darkness that are just now coming out of it. Their language and religion hold interesting clues to history of the Anunnaki, but nowadays few can unravel these mysterious traces. Who knows what ancient wonders there in the deep oceans of the planet Madoc? Only Oro’ym should know…


Hironem – The reptilian Hironem are perhaps the closest example that an inhabitant of the Worlds Known can have on the mysterious Vau culture. Evidence suggests that the Hironem culture was strongly influenced by the Vau, and it shows in their caste society and religious dogma nowadays. The belief in S’su (universal life energy) and their behavior with colors influence everything they do. They sold much of his planet for humans and today they hold only part of a continent, which their capital is located.